What is the Reliance Smart Bazaar Retail Loyalty Program?

What is Reliance Smart Bazaar Retail Loyalty Program? How you can earn while doing shopping from any one of the Reliance Smart Bazaar? In our previous post, we shared the full detail about the Reliance Smart Bazaar customer care number, here we will explain how to earn free cash and redeem the same while doing shopping from the newly launched and opened Smart Bazaar store of Reliance Retail Ltd.

Why does the cashier at Reliance Smart Bazaar ask for the customer’s mobile number during billing?

Smart Bazaar Reliance offers a loyalty program for its loyal customers; who do shop from Reliance Retail stores, thus in that case mobile number is required.

What is the Reliance Smart Bazaar Retail Loyalty?

As per the Reliance Retail Loyalty program if a customer shops from Smart Bazaar they will get the points on every purchase of Rs. 200 and above. Accumulated points can be redeemed by customers on the next purchase. Please check how you can earn the points from this scheme.

How does the point system work?

Please understand it’s really very simple, to earn free cash at the Smart Bazaar.

  • On every spend of ₹ 200 – the customer will earn 1 point.
  • 1 RelianceOne point = 70 paise.
  • For example, if you purchase items worth 500Rs you will get 2.5 Points.
  • The value of 2.5 points is 2.5 X 70 Paisa = 175 Paisa , i.e 1Rs 75 Paisa.
  • You can accumulate the points and redeem the same in your next shopping at the Reliance store.
  • Redemption will be done with the rupee value of the points.
In how many days do Reliance Smart Bazaar loyalty points get credited to the customer’s mobile number?

It gets credited within2 hours in the mobile number provided by you during billing.

How can customers redeem loyalty points of Smart Bazaar?

To redeem the Reliance Retail loyalty points at Smart Bazaar, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Give a miss call from your registered mobile number at 9212999888. A registered mobile number means the same mobile number that was provided to the cashier during earlier billing.
  2. Now you will receive 16 digit OTP & loyalty amount balance via SMS.
  3. Now share the OTP number and amount to be redeemed with cashier.
  4. That’s how you have to redeem the points!

Frequently asked Question

Q1. Can I pay partly by points and the rest amount using cash or a card for a single bill?

Answer: Yes! to pay a bill you can use a different mode of payment.

For more information on the Reliance, One Loyalty program visits the site.

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