Smart Bazaar Oil Price List 2023.

“Smart Bazaar Oil Price List 2023” In this post, we are going to share the Smart Bazar mustard oil price and the Refined oil price in 2023 Sale offers. As we know Oil is among the essential grocery items, and everybody wants more discounts and saving while shopping grocery for their home.

Here in this post, we will share the Reliance Smart Bazaar oil price Today. We will share the price list for the following categories of Oil and Ghee which are available at your nearest Reliance smart Bazaar in 2023.

  1. Smart Bazar mustard oil price.
  2. Smart Bazaar Health Oil price
  3. Desi Ghee Price
  4. Cow Ghee Price
  5. Refined and Soya oil price

Thus to know the price list of essential grocery items you can read our previous post or for specific offers on the oil category you can scroll down and read the Smart Bazaar Oil Price List 2023.

What is Smart Bazar Mustard Oil Price Today?

During the 2023 sales and promotion period Reliance Smart Bazaar is offering a heavy discount on Mustard oil (Kacchi Ghani) you can check the Mustard Oil price that is applicable today at Reliance Smart Bazaar. Here we are sharing the Smart Bazaar oil price 1 litre and above size pack. You should read the table carefully to know the pack size and price of the oil at Reliance Smart Bazaar.

S.NoReliance Smart Bazaar Mustard Oil MRPSmart Bazaar Mustard Oil Offer Price
1Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil 1 L Bottle229149Rs
2Good Life Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L Bottel250129Rs
3Dhara Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L Bottel245151Rs
4Dhara Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L Plastic Pouch225149Rs
5Emami Healthy & Tasty Kachi Ghani PP210119Rs
6Patanjali Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L BT185160Rs
7Dalda Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L (Bottle)214129Rs
8Organic Tattva Unrefined Mustard Oil 1 L400169Rs
9Jivo Cold Pressed Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil 5 Litre1250749Rs
10P Mark Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 5 L1300849Rs
Reliance Smart Bazaar Oil Price 1 litre Today

Smart Bazaar Refined Oil Price Today

Check the Refined oil price Today at Reliance Smart Bazaar. Avail of the sale offers this month on refined oil.

S.NoReliance Smart Bazaar Refined Oil MRPSmart Bazaar Refined Oil Offer Price
1Super Sarvottam Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil 1 L199104Rs
2Good Life Refined Soyabean Oil 1 L185109Rs
3Dhara Nourish Vit A E Refined Sunflower Oil 1 L235120Rs
4Fortune Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil 1 L (Pouch)199129Rs
5Dhara Lite N Fine Refined Soyabean Oil 1 L195113Rs
6Saffola Active Oil 1 L Pp170109Rs
7Saffola Gold 3 L Jar690399Rs
8Saffola Active Oil 5 L Pet855689Rs
9Saffola Gold Oil 15L Jar26502449Rs
10Saffola Active 15 L Jar27252059Rs
Smart Bazaar Oil Price

Smart Bazaar Healthy oil price List Today

Here we are sharing the entire oil price list of Reliance Smart Bazaar if you a health-conscious don’t forget to choose the healthy oil from the below Smart Bazaar Healthy oil price List Today.

S.NoSmart Bazaar Oil ListMRP in RsSmart Bazaar Oil Price List in Rs
1Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar Conscious Oil 1L180149
2Fortune Xpert Pro Sugar Conscious Oil 5L900699
3Saffola Gold Blended Oil 5 L Pet1000889
4Saf Gold Rice Bran And Corn Oil 5Ltr Jar 1000889
5Saffola Active Oil 1 L Pp170109
6Saffola Gold 3 L Jar690399
7Saf Gold Rice Bran And Corn Oil 1 Ltr Pp 170149
8Saffola Gold Cooking Oil 1 L Pp170149
9Saffola Kardi Corn Blend Oil 1 L Pp160149
10Saffola Kardi Corn Blend Oil 5 L Pet805765
11Saffola Total Blended Vegtble Oil 5L Pet11501069
12Saffola Active Oil 5 L Pet855689
13Saffola Active 15 L Jar27252059
14Saffola Gold Oil 15L Jar26502649
15Sundrop Heart Ref Sfrb Blend 1 Ltr Pouch 200185
16Sundrop Superlite Adv 3 L Jar Off Price549509
17Sundrop Hert Blnd Edble Vgtbl Oil 3L Pet480455
18Sundrop Gld Lite Blended Oil 1 L Pch300249
19Saffola Aura Rfnd Blended Oil 2L Pet13501299
20Saffola Aura Vrgn Blended Oil 1L Pet999774
21Saffola Aura Refined Blended Oil 1 L Btl1050825
22Saffola Aura Vrgn Blended Oil 250 Ml Btl330279
23Saffola Aura Vrgn Blended Oil 500 Ml Pet600595
24Saffola Aura Rfnd Blended Oil 500 Ml Btl550437
25Oleev Active Blended Oil 5 L Btl13951325
26Oleev Active Blended Oil 1 L Pp265249
27Sundrop Heart Blended Veg Oil 1 L Pet225175
28Sundrop Heart Blnd Edbl Vgtbl Oil 5L Pet1015899
29Sundrop Heart Blnd Edible Veg Oil 2L Can42670
30Sundrop Goldlite Blnd Ref Veg Oil 5L Can15151215
31Sundrop Vegetable Lite Oil 5 Litre Jar1190989
32Cocosoul Virgn Natrl Coco Oil 500 Ml Btl399319
33Cocosoul Virgn Natrl Coco Oil 250 Ml Btl230189
34Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil 5L Jar870669
35Fortune Xpert Total Balance Oil 1L Pch175135
36Saf Gold Rice Bran And Corn Oil 3Ltr Jar690399
37Sf Gold Rice Bran And Corn Oil 15Ltr Jar26502649
38Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity Oil 1 L170119
39Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity  Oil 5 Jar850649
40Sundrop Superlite Advance 1Ltr Ep265249

Please note oil is a commodity and the oil price changes frequently, smart bazaar tries its best to maintain the offer price of the oil. Hope the post on Smart Bazaar Oil Price Today has helped you to find the price list of the oil of Reliance Smart Bazaar.