Reliance Grocery Stores Near Me Complete Detail

In today’s post, we will share the list of all formats of Reliance Retail Ltd. You will get the detail of formats where you can buy the grocery at discounted prices and save money! Most of the customers are searching for the Reliance Grocery Stores Near Me; thus we will share the closest Reliance Grocery store list. After the closure of Big Bazaar, many customers were looking for options for their monthly grocery shopping. The launch of new formats like Smart Bazaar by Reliance has created the best option for customers; now customers can save and earn doing shopping from Reliance Grocery Stores.

Here you will find a nearby reliance store for grocery shopping. Before that, we want to share the list of all the grocery selling formats of Reliance Retail Ltd.

All Reliance Grocery Stores Near Me Formats

The below-mentioned formats sell the grocery items in your locality, you can visit any one of the stores mentioned below.

  1. Also known as Reliance Bazaar – Reliance Smart Bazaar.
  2. Reliance Smart Super
  3. Reliance Smart.
  4. Smart Point
  5. Reliance Fresh
  6. Reliance Mart.
  7. Jiomart by Reliance.

Those who are searching for Reliance Grocery Stores Near Me should know that all these formats are selling the grocery stuff in the store. Those who can not visit the stores due to time constraints can easily order from Reliance online grocery store that is Jiomart.

Let’s find out the nearby groceries store in your location operated by Reliance. First, we will look for the Reliance fresh stores.

1. Reliance fresh stores

The Reliance fresh stores are similar to Kiryana store. Which caters to the need of daily needs of customers. The benefit of buying groceries from Fresh stores are..

  1. Almost all categories like grocery, FMCG, Fruits, Vegetables and Dairy products are available
  2. Offers good discount
  3. Casback via ROne Loyalty program.
  4. Even you can get the home delivery on request.
  5. You Save time and money by shopping at Reliance Grocery Stores.

Locate Reliance Fresh Near Me

Is Reliance fresh open today near me you can easily check the opening and closing timings of Reliance fresh using the store locator map. This map will help you in searching Reliance fresh store near me.

To find a Reliance grocery near me you can search for Reliance Fresh Store. Just use the (+/-) which is shown on the bottom right corner of the map. Using this symbol you can zoom in or zoom out.

2. Reliance Smart Point – Grocery store & jiomart delivery point.

This Reliance Grocery Stores format is capturing the market well, the minimum discount of 5 to 10% on MRP and the offers like Buy 1 Get 1 free, items @ 49Rs, and 99Rs are the unique feature of this format. Locate the nearest Reliance Smart Point in your city or locality easily.

The smart point concept was launched by Reliance to cater to online and offline customers. As you know very well that Reliance Grocery Online store i.e Jiomart is an online platform where you can purchase groceries at a discounted price. Jiomart grocery online orders are delivered through these Reliance Grocery Stores i.e Reliance Smart points.

Reliance Smart / Smart Super are the supermarket of Reliance

A few of the Reliance Market which was earlier catering to the need of Kiryana stores have been converted to Reliance Smart and depending on the size of the retail area the same has been classified as Reliance Smart and Reliance Smart Super.

The below map will show you all nearby Reliance Smart. You can place your order online using the Jiomart platform or you can visit the store for offline shopping. For offline shopping, if you want to visit Reliance Grocery Stores like Smart Super or Reliance Smart use the below map and navigate easily.

Now we will share the recently launched format i.e Reliance Smart Bazaar or popular by the name Reliance Bazaar. This is the latest format for Reliance Grocery Stores along with Smart Appliances, and Smart Apparels. You can find the daily need items in the General merchandising category.

Recently many stores are launched in North, East, West, and South. The offers and pricing of Smart Bazaar are very lucrative for the customers.

Here you can find the address, timings, and contact number of the Reliance Smart Bazaar in your nearest location.

Locate Smart Bazaar By Reliance: The preferred destination for grocery shopping.

The preferred Reliance Grocery Store at present is Smart Bazaar. These are similar to Big Bazaar with aggressive discounting and offers. You can check the Smart Bazaar products price list here. Those who were using the Big Bazaar online shopping site for online ordering have shifted to the other platform, but after the launch of Smart, Bazaar customers order online from the Smart Bazaar Online shopping site.

If the map is not showing any Reliance Smart Bazaar in your locality try searching for Big Bazaar Near Me. As most of the previous location of Big Bazaar has been converted to Smart Bazaar by Reliance and the updation on the map is going on.

Shop at Reliance Grocery Stores to Save and Earn Cashback!!

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