Is Big Bazaar Madurai Open Today as Reliance Smart Bazaar?

Is Big Bazaar Madurai Open Today as Reliance Smart Bazaar? Most people are searching for the Big Bazaar Madurai. In Feb 2022 Big Bazaar in Maduri was closed, after that most of the customers were looking for the best option for grocery shopping. We are trying our best to share the complete detail of Reliance Smart Bazaar on this site. Recently Bareilly Big Bazzar was converted to Reliance Smart Bazaar in first week of July 2022.

Now Reliance Retail is in full swing to open all the Smart Bazaar by the end of July 2022. For those who don’t know what is Reliance Smart Bazaar we will share the detail about the same. In our post we share the full list of upcoming Reliance Smart Bazaar Near Me.

Is Big Bazaar Madurai same as Smart Bazaar?

For your query what is Reliance Smart Bazaar? We would like to inform that Reliance Retai has rented maximum places in a mall or in stand alone properties, where Big Bazaar was operating, and decide to launch the new retail format by the name of Smart Bazaar. In Madurai also the upcoming Reliance Smart Bazaar is also located in the same place where Big Bazaar Madurai was located.

What items you will get in Nearby Reliance Smart Bazaar?

If you are planing to visit the Big Bazaar, please note the Big Bazaar in Madurai is closed now, and in place of Big Bazaar Store in Madurai you will get the Reliance Smart Bazaar is opened to welcome the customers. The items which you will get in Nearby Reliance Smart Bazaar is mentioned below.

The nearest Big Bazaar Madurai store that has been converted to Smart Bazaar Reliance store that also offer a large variety of products as mentioned below.

  • Cleaning needs items like cleaning brush, room and kitchen duster, Gala broom, Scothbite and other brand scrubber, cotton mop for floor cleaning, etc.
  • Cookware Smart Bazaar Reliance store offers non stick and hard anodised frying pan, non stick kadai, non stick tawa, Glass and stainless steel bowls, melamine and opalware plates, prince casserole, etc.
  • Detergent and cleaning- detergent powder for front load and top load washing machine, detergent powder and bars, liquid wash for machine and wither clothes, fabric conditioner and starch etc.
  • For Electricals equipements AA and AAA batteries, LED bulbs and CFL, etc.
  • In Smart Appliances section you will get gas stove, induction cooktop, small Kitchen appliances like Mixer grinder, Juicer, Rice cooker Water kettle etc.
  • Mass Merchadise kitchenware section you will get grater, knife, slicer, lighter, coconut scraper, vegetable peeler, atta and tea strainer, etc.

Is OTC Goods Available in Smart Bazaar Reiance?

The OTC goods like vicks, pain sprays for muscle fatigue, band-aids of renowned company, toothpicks are also available. The list of other items that are available are.

  • Paper Napkins and tissue rolls for kitchen.
  • Pooja need items
  • Personal care from head to toe. Like fash wash, shampoo, conditioner, nail paints, cluthers, hair remover, toot paste, hair get, beauty soap, hair dye etc.
  • Home care items like floor cleaner, utensil cleaner, toilet cleaners etc.
  • Seasonal products like mosquito repellents, coils, insects repellent, rodents repellents etc.
  • Oral care products, grooming needs items for ladies and mens.
  • For school going children’s you will get the variety of stuffs like note books, practical file, pencil, pens.
  • In Office stationery segment you will get highlighters, eraser, whitners etc.
  • Bath room accessories like plastic mugs, plastic buckets, clothes hanger, soap case, multipurpose stand for cabinets, etc.
  • Luggage and Travel accessories live hard trolleys, soft trolleys, backpacks, laptop bags, duffles etc.
  • In Grocery section you will get all staples, oils, ghee, masala and dry fruits.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables and collection of imported and exotic fruits.
  • In processed food section you will get health drinks for children’s and women , Nectar and fruit based juices and Instant energy drinks, mineral water, cold drinks and soft drinks, green tea and regular tea and coffee.

Reliance Smart Big Bazaar Madurai Address

The address of smart Bazaar in Madurai is.

Address Of Reliance Smart Bazaar
Madurai Kalavasal Bypass Road.
Kalavasal, Opp - Germanus Hotel 
Madurai Pincode- 625016, 

What is the opening timings of Smart Bazaar Madurai?

The opening and closing timings of Reliance Smart Bazaar is same as that of Big Bazaar Madurai. Here the table will show you the timings for weekends and weekdays.

Sr.No.DaysSmart Bazar Madurai Opening TimeClosing Time of Madurai Smart Bazaar.
1Sunday10:00 AM10:00 PM
2Monday10:00 AM10:00 PM
3Tuesday10:00 AM10:00 PM
4Wednesday10:00 AM10:00 PM
5Thursday10:00 AM10:00 PM
6Friday10:00 AM10:00 PM
7Saturday10:00 AM10:00 PM

Is Big Bazaar Madurai Open Today Near Me?

As you know the Big Bazaar Store in Madurai has been converted to Reliance Smart Bazaar, and the Reliance store are open 365 days in a year. Today also the old Big Bazaar Madurai store is open but as a Reliance Smart Bazaar. Before visiting you can make it sure by calling the customer care number of Reliance Smart Bazaar.

Can I Pay using Big Bazaar Profit Club Card in Smart Bazaar Madurai?

Big Bazaar was owned by Future group and the Reliance Smart Bazaar are owned by the Reliance Retail. Thus you can use the Big Bazaar Profit Club Card to make payment inany of the Reliance Smart Bazaar in India as on 07.07.2022, if there will be any changes we will keep you posted on this.

How can I order online like Big Bazaar Online Shopping in Madurai from Reliance Smart Bazaar Online shopping app

Big Bazaar online shopping site and app are not working now, thus you can not order from Big Bazaar online shopping. Still there is the way you can order and search cash back from Reliance Smart Bazaar. For that you need to use the Smart Bazaar online shopping site and app. The official site to get the online delivery and the how you can Reliance Smart Bazaar online app is mentioned here.

For more updates on latest Reliance Smart Bazaar offers today you can follow us.

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