Is Big Bazaar Name Change to Reliance Smart Bazaar?

Most of the customers are confused and searching is Big Bazaar permanently closed? Is Big Bazaar Name Change to Reliance Smart Bazaar? If only the name has been changed can we use Big Bazaar Profit club card? Can we pay using Big Bazaar gift card at Smart Bazaar Reliance? To get the answer of all such questions people are searching Reliance Smart Bazaar near me and visiting the store.

This post will answer all such questions here today. All your questions will be answered here. In fact if any more question you would like to know you can write to us.

Why Big Bazaar Name Change to Smart Bazaar by Reliance?

Here we need to understand the Big Bazaar was the retail store of Future group and the parent company was Future Retail. Where as the Reliance Retail belong to Reliance group. Both the companies are different.

Reliance Retail has different retail formats like

  • Reliance Digital
  • Retail store for Reliance Jewellery
  • Grocery retail formats like Reliance Mart, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart Super.
  • In small format Reliance Smart Point
  • Recently launched Reliance Smart Bazaar.
  • In fashion and footwear there are Trends, Reliance footwear.
  • Many other formats are also there like for online Jio mart.

The count is growing every day. Hope its clear that the Big Bazaar name is not changed. Smart Bazaar is a new format launched by the Reliance.

Company has rented the same location for launching the new formats where Big Bazaar used to have their stores.

Can we pay using Big Bazaar gift card at Smart Bazaar Reliance?

As mentioned both the formats belongs to different company, Big Bazaar and Smart Bazaar of Reliance does not have any connection so far, thus you can not pay using Big Bazaar gift card in Smart Bazaar of Reliance Retail.

Can I purchase using Big Bazaar Profit club card in Smart Bazaar?

As we clearly mentioned that it’s not true that the Big Bazaar name change to Smart Bazaar, both the retail formats belongs to different organisation, using Big Bazaar Profit Club card as the mode of payment in Smart Bazaar is not possible. You can not pay for your bill using Big Bazaar profit club card.

Still if you have any more questions please write to us.

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